Elite 18 EFP CF GS Payload 25kg Bowl 100 mm

Tripod System incl. Elite 18 Fluid Head, 3S-FIX EFP100/CF2 Carbon Fiber Tripod, Elite Telescopic Pan Bar ELPB-2 (set of 2), Ground Spreader GS-2 & Tripod Bag

EAN-13: 8718591677540


Bowl Diameter 100 mm
Section 2 Stages
Material Carbon Fiber
Camera Platform Type Touch & Go 16
Camera Plate Camgear TNG-16 1/4" screw, 3/8" screw
Counterbalance System 8+10 steps (1-8, 1-10)
Pan & Tilt Drag 8 steps (1-8)
Pan & Tilt Range Pan: 360° / Tilt: +90/-75°
Temperature Range -40°C to +60°C / -40°F to +140°F
Levelling Bubble Illuminated Touch
Pan Bar Camgear Telescopic ELPB-2 (set of 2, left & right)
Maximum Payload 25 kg / 55.12 lbs
Weight 13.04 kg / 28.75 lbs
Height Range 73 cm-178 cm / 28.7 inch-70 inch
Transport Length 97 cm / 38.2 inch
Sliding Range 110 mm / 4.33 inch


3S-FIX EFP100/CF2 GS Carbon Fiber Tripod Payload 110kg Bowl 100 mm

2-Stage 100mm bowl Tripod for EFP-work with 3S-FIX lock and release mechanism and Ground Spreader

EAN-13: 8718591677816


Bowl Diameter 100 mm
Section 2 Stages
Material Carbon Fiber
Maximum Payload 110 kg / 242.51 lbs
Weight 7.22 kg / 15.92 lbs
Height Range 54 cm-159 cm / 21.2 inch-62.6 inch
Transport Length 78 cm / 30.7 inch


camRade tripodBag heavyDuty

For V35P, Elite 18 EFP, Elite 20 EFP & Elite 25 EFP

EAN-13: 8718591672811

In this tripodBag heavyDuty you can safely transport your high-end tripod with fluid head (with a maximum length of 108 cm / 42.5 inch) in the most convenient way possible.

The adjustable bumpers allows you to customize the interior of the bag. Four separate compartments (with zipper) inside the bag offer space to store various accessories. On the side of the bag another zippered pocket is located including a small transparent pocket for identification of your bag and/or contents.

This bag has a rectangular design which, in addition to providing maximum protection and making the bag easy to stack, reduces the risk of the bag rolling off trolleys or conveyor belts during your travels.

A strong and smooth running wheel set is added to the bag for minimum strain when traveling. Also included is a small mesh fabric basket you can attach between the tripod legs for easy access to small items/tools during your shoot.


Weight 6.8 kg / 14.99 lbs

Included with Elite 18 EFP CF GS