Practical Features
3S-FIX Tripods

The 3S-FIX tripods, included in all Elite-Series tripod systems, come equipped with the new patented (one lock) Lock & Release system. Find out about all the new features.

Iconic 3S-FIX clamp

All Elite-Series tripod systems are equipped with the patented 3S-FIX Quick Lock & Release mechanism and new unique brake handle for fast and easy deployment. The 3S-FIX stands for Stronger, Smarter, Speedier. It makes locking and unlocking the tripod legs a breeze.

Pull the 3S-FIX clamp out to unlock both upper and lower stages. To lock, push the clamp back in again. Simple, elegant and robust.

Unlike competing brands of quick lock tripods, our linkage mechanism between the upper and lower leg clamp are actually inside the leg tube, a design breakthrough which prevents breakage caused by direct impact on the exposed linkage mechanism.

Integrated Magnetic Lock System

Those dated and bothersome lock clips of old have been replaced by a unified magnetic leg lock system. This eliminates broken clips and ensures superior ease of use, speed and durability.

Both the upper and lower leg locks can be adjusted separately and easily, avoiding the common problem of a tight upper brake and loose lower brake or vice versa.

The adjustment of the lower brake is extremely accessible, easy and fast to adjust. Also the new rubber feet provide more skid resistance to ensure better stability of the tripods.